The Kenyan

03 Oct

Our Imposter-in-Chief was once again exposed yesterday by Hannity, Drudge, and a few others.  Will America waken to the lying SOB who has infiltrated this county’s highest office?  Most Americans are still asleep at the wheel and headed for a terrible crash.  The Kenyan born Socialist, and would-be Marxist, would lead this country down the path of no return.  He must be eliminated from the political scene in America.  His dark persona was exposed once again.  Listen to him…! half-white, yet donning his ‘black face’ act before a group of ignorant black pastors and preachers back in ’07.  Listen to his accent!  Acting like he could be from the South.  Listen to the uneducated darkies eat up his obvious bullshit.  Do they really want a race war?  I think not.

No!  I won’t be threatened by bureaucratic bullies to keep quiet.  No, I won’t be silent.  The Kenyan is a real threat to the very survival of this nation.  My nation.  I will not be silenced by a group of radical power mongers, no matter what sect they belong to.  The imposter is a smart ass, as are his close knit group of cronies.  Screw them!  Screw smart-ass Axelrod.  Screw the left-wing smart-ass commentators on TV.  Screw the smart-ass Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden,  Screw them!  The taxpaying patriots of this nation number in the millions and are tired of this BS.  There will be hell for the radical left-wingers to pay if they don’t stop.  They are endorsing the destruction of their own country.  We used to call it ‘shitting in your own mess can’.  Either way, the Kenyan has got to go!

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One response to “The Kenyan

  1. Wildflower

    October 3, 2012 at 9:13 am

    he had that “sweet talking smile” just like the last several ones that sat in that office

    you vote for what and what do you get instead?

    at least nero had class


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