What to do?

15 Sep

As a friend puts it on the election, “No whining, you belittle the country you ‘represent’ when you pull that 13YO tactic.”

In the Middle East, we should begin to kill them.  Kill them all.  Kill them indiscriminately.  If the  monkeys choose to attack our interests, we should smoke ’em and send ’em home on shoulders.  Wrapped in their rags.

Then begin drilling, quit playing politics with a pipeline we are building anyway, and pump our own oil.  Yeah, right now we have to defend the strait and the flow of oil to and from that region.  However, once we do get ourselves in a position of self-sustenance, we should bring our boys home.  We need a leader that will put our interests first.  Not the rag headed, monkey worshiping, goat fuckers.  Let them eat and choke on their own oil.  The Chinese can’t buy it all!

How did we allow ourselves to become the policeman of the world anyway?  We deviated from our founders intent, got entangled in foreign wars, and here we are.  We, however, first defeated our founding principles by waging an illegal war of aggression against ourselves. The events of today are the results of years of foreign policy calamities.

Our leadership must stop the bequeathing to, and inheritance of, those politically generated calamities.  For they are no longer cute nor tolerable.

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Posted by on September 15, 2012 in Committee of Correspondence


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