Rank amateurs

12 Sep

Now we are witnessing the results of our lack of knowledgeable people, in every position of high government.  Especially in the area of foreign policy.  Since the Kenyan has been at the helm, and appointed a political rival, with no experience, America has positioned itself as the pariah of all nations.

Any college (I consider that viable only post 1980) political science graduate has been taught two primary things.

1. The public does NOT have the right to know everything.

2. You ALWAYS deal from a position of strength.

The United States of America vs. Muslim Brotherhood, Iran, Egypt, Libya, Syria. 

United States of America:

The people that we have had in decision making positions of for the past four years are nothing more than rank amateurs, inexperienced in all areas of life, and largely political hacks.  Take the Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton.  Lawyer, politician, criminal.  Take the Secretary of Defense, Leon Panetta.  Politician, lawyer, hack “yes man”.  Hussein (the Kenyan) Obama.  Office: Presidency.  Lawyer, Politician, Community organizer, citizenship: unknown, religion: Muslim,  Private work experience: None.

Muslim extremists:  1.62 billion animals

It is no wonder how and why the antagonists would dare to commit such acts.  Having followed a path of foreign policy that strayed to the left of Jimmy Carter (see Iran hostage crisis), today’s US Department of State is now considered by all nations as being from non-existent to schizophrenic.  While our SOS dances, drinks, and parties, our sitting President has failed to even attend daily security briefings for at least the past week.  While he campaigns for re-election, gets bear hugs from RINO restaurant owners, and trashes his opponent, the Muslim Brotherhood, planned, incited, and carried out a dastardly attack on American soil.  The attack has now resulted in the deaths of at least three good American citizens.  I am not referring to the Ambassador, as he was a part of the problem, not the solution.  


Remains in question. The Kenyan has already made what amounts to be an apology on behalf of the U.S.  He will do nothing.  Clinton is already excusing the government of Libya.  This will only encourage other nations in the ME to riot, to strike at U.S. interests in the region.

What should take place is the cancellation of all aid monies being sent to Egypt, Libya, and any other Muslim Brotherhood dominated countries.  A hit team should be inserted for some payback of top MB officials.  We should have already demanded apologies and been in the process of removing all staff and embassy operations from all MB active nations. We should encourage Israel, warn Russia, warn China. 

This was/is an act of war.  It cannot go unpunished.  If we see nothing more than what we have seen thus far, the people at the top of our government and in positions of leadership, need to be replaced ASAP.   There will be more to come, more to learn.  However, when everything is said and done, and America responds.  You can bet that these amateurs will have made the wrong move.


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2 responses to “Rank amateurs

  1. Craig Cavanaugh

    September 12, 2012 at 1:58 pm

    Lack of knowledgeable people? Or willful omission ala 9/11…


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