“Mayor Against Illegal Guns” gets busted

10 Sep

Another Democrat “Mayor Against Illegal Guns” member gets busted.

Naturally, the crooked MAIG tries to scrub references to him.

The crooked Mayor has been arrested and arraigned in TRENTON, N.J. as Federal agents arrested the struggling mayor of New Jersey’s capital Monday on corruption charges, alleging he agreed to accept bribes in connection with a proposed parking garage — actually a fake project created by authorities trying to snare him.  …The charges against Mack, a 46-year-old Democrat, did not come as a surprise in the city.

He’s been accused of hiring unqualified cronies to city positions, made deep cuts in the police department and overseen a chaotic City Hall as officials fled their jobs soon after he took office in 2010.

MAIG scrubbed its membership page of any reference to Mack:

But they forgot to delete the archives. Check these out before they go down the Memory Hole:

Bloomberg, the faggot RINO Mayor of NYC must be fuming.  This is why, in our town, we encourage our employees to come to work armed.   Call it a protest against MAIG.

“We were the turning point in the Revolution, and we are hopeful this will be the turning point for changing gun laws in America,” Mack once said.

Fix Gun Checks is sponsored by the Mayors Against Illegal Guns Coalition, of which Mack is a member. The organization wants background checks for sales at gun shows and a national background check system containing the names of people who should be prohibited from buying firearms…   I guess part of helping “lives in jeopardy” consisted of laying off cops!

Pariahs like Mack and Bloomberg should be ostracized by their fellow countrymen.  Now, at least, (if convicted, which he will be) this fool will be vulnerable to a street attack.  You see, as a felon, he will be unable to own a firearm.  If only we could say the same about the scumbag, Bloomberg.  Of course, the billionaire, Bloomberg hires his own contingency of bodyguards.  He doesn’t, therefore, need to carry a weapon.  I just wonder if those people will be enough, in the end, to protect his sorry ass.

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One response to ““Mayor Against Illegal Guns” gets busted

  1. dannyboy53Dannyboy

    September 11, 2012 at 9:51 am

    As the saying goes, “their hypocrisy knows no bounds”. But the second verse to that song is…nothing changes but the names over the doors.

    The same old crap has gone on from generation to generation and will until We the People bring it to an abrupt halt.

    We have known for some time we can count on NO one but ourselves because that is all that is supposed to matter in government.


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