Well, well, well…

09 Sep

It’s about time!  This has taken long enough and plenty of our tax dollars.  Now, perhaps the ‘authorities’ have enough to justify picking up the AG.  I believe it’s called perjury.  If he could only be water-boarded, we might just find that he was acting under direct orders of someone like the Kenyan or better yet, the Secretary of State.  …or both…

The Inspector General (IG) draft report on Operation Fast and Furious places most of the blame for the failed program on the Phoenix-based Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), sources familiar with the document told CBS News. However, Phoenix ATF staffers also argue they had approval from high-level officials.

To read the rest of the IG exclusive at CBS News, click here

The IG report is the result of a year and half internal investigation into the failed federal gunrunning operation. The report looks at Fast and Furious, initiated under the Obama administration, and the George W. Bush-era gun-tracing operation known as Wide Receiver. While the aim of both operations was to allegedly track the guns and dismantle large Mexican drug cartels, both ended up losing track of the weapons and allowed them to walk into the hands of the ruthless cartels.

The IGs report is expected to be released to the public in a matter of weeks.

Sources familiar with the contents told CBS News that ATF officials in Phoenix deserve most of the blame, including then-Special Agent in charge Bill Newell, the lead case agent for Fast and Furious agent Hope MacAllister and group supervisor David Voth.

ATF officials in Phoenix are claiming that their superiors at ATF headquarters and the U.S. Department of Justice approved of the operation, something that Attorney General Eric Holder and his department have denied.

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