I’ll Keep Parts of Obamacare

09 Sep

I heard it with my own ears!  Romney is already on the path to betray Americans.  There really is no difference between the two.  Except possibly:

1. Will Romney be as quick to use force against American citizens in a security situation?

2. Will Romney as quick to create a security situation?

3. Will Romney be able to do anything differently from the Kenyan?

The answer to those questions haunt me.  While I would rather Obama be held responsible for the coming collapse he has so much helped to create, I doubt that he will be.  While I would rather that he sit on the throne when our collapse occurs, I doubt that Romney will do anything differently.  TPTB have spent too much time, written too many laws, and are too willing to slam the door against true reforms to a system that is failing.  They have moved too many jobs, created too many conflicts, have too much infrastructure to support.  Besides, they have plans for we, opulent, Americans.  It doesn’t really matter who resides at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  

Still, I cannot abstain from voting for what I perceive to be the least dangerous (now isn’t that a bitch?) man.  And that is, the now traitorous, Romney. 

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