It took long enough…

08 Sep

Illiterate, mainly immigrants from other countries, the TSA agent is now being used as a conditioning disciplinarian.  Most of them can’t fill out their applications for employment, but they can now step out of their purview to control the attitudes of free American Citizens.  One of these days, some really maladjusted flier is going to follow one of these idiots home and…  I’m just sayin… I mean thinkin… I mean… Never mind.  According to the TSA, we aren’t allowed to think anymore.  Kind of like the Khmer Rouge.

This act didn’t have a damn thing to do with “Security”, the ONLY reason for TSA existence.  I don’t fly anymore.  The Government has already done more than enough to convince me to spend my money elsewhere.  I will not be frisked by some pervert without a visa, in my own country.  A country that my ancestor signed the DOI for. 

Stay at home, drive, tell your employer that you refuse to fly.  Jump on the unemployment soul train, help put the poor airline bastards out of business.  Unlike the union owned Government Motors, they won’t be getting a bailout.  Most of them have already filed bankruptcy anyway.  Only then will the TSA morons be sent home.  I am surprised that it took this long for us to see this type of abuse of position and breach of trust.  The TSA must be dispersed to the winds.  Dissolved into the trash bin of American history.

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Posted by on September 8, 2012 in Committee of Correspondence


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