06 Sep

Verifiable insanity.  Certifiable insanity.  That is what we’ve been watching.  The MSM, along with the assistance of the HSA, NSA, and cooperation of several other alphabet gang members, are subjecting Citizens to unadulterated insanity.  Considering that many of the ‘Federal Employees’ aiding and abetting this act of Convention, actually took an Oath of Office, makes this mind boggling.  On the sheer fact that a stinky, treasonous, cunt like the almost billionaire, Pelosi signed off on the Kenyan’s qualifications, we are now faced with what is obviously a real crisis.  A crisis of unprecedented proportions.  Along with this crisis of reality, we have a theoretical Constitutional crisis.  This country now hangs precariously in the balance.  Which way will we go?  Do we go the way of the insane, or do we wake up and come to our senses?  

Speaker after speaker, hack after hack, moron after moron, we sit and listen to people who espouse (among other crazy things) violence against the People, the overthrow of the established system and chain of governance, the nationalization of corporations.  We are watching the final touches of a complete moral and ethical collapse.  We listen to the inmates as they venomously tell us of their economic plans to secure our financial collapse.  That is all that is left for them to complete their task.  Then, we will have no choice but to take to our own means to re-establish our identity as a people.  As a Nation.  What we are watching is nothing more than sheer madness.  The Democrats, along with all of their 12 and 13% minorities now appear to be pushing us towards a race war.  They appear to crave anarchy as a means to establish some brutal form of oligarchy.  Being insane, they seem willing to do whatever it will take to absolutely destroy this country. 

And they are about to get it.  What they are not ready for is the consequences.  For when it begins, there will be no ending but the utter annihilation of every last one of themselves!  They are just too vastly outnumbered.  Like the French saw to during their Revolution, the People’s lust for blood might not be satisfied until, and unless, every last one (of them!) is buried.

Here are some quotes that might be appropriate under the circumstances:

“A sane person to an insane society must appear insane” – Kurt Vonnegut

“Insanity is a sane response to an insane world” – R.D Laing

As long as the Democrats are scared, as long as the leadership refuses to own its mistakes, as long as they are desperate, they will not change their destructive tactics to divert attention from themselves.

This mass insanity must stop.  But how? 

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One response to “Insanity

  1. dannyboy53Dannyboy

    September 6, 2012 at 6:43 pm

    “But how?” It would self destruct. Communism is parasitic in nature and must have a “host” to survive. That’s why the Chi-Coms went to the form of economy they chose, it was that or die on the vine. They claim to hate capitalism but they can’t live without it! It’s impossible….someone must generate revenue to exist. So they claim ownership of everything and expect us to keep it going for them.

    Well here’s a news flash for all those communist bitches and their useful idiots…especially their useful idiots…THAT DOG WON’T HUNT!

    And they better have plenty useful idiots because they are going to lose a lot of them.


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